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More designs on cotton fabric will be coming soon. We have ordered the samples to make sure
they will look fantastic before posting for sale. 04/19/2014


Email your orders to mdkarr@aol.com.





To order is simple - email mdkarr@rattieworldocomfort.com
Just tell us what you want. If you found something we have in stock, tell us the number too.
Payment through PayPal or by check and now credit card.

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Introducing some fabulous customers in some of our products -

Luna in her hammock

Here is Sharon's Luna who just recently received a new Heavy Duty Hide 'n Peek Hammock. Her sister is also in the photo and they often share the hammock.


At the 2013 Come Fall For Rats show an early purchase of a Hammock was for some of the rats that was to be in the show. This hammock was immedately adopted and snuggled in.

"Thank you sooo much for the Rattie Tube. Tickles and I love it soooo much! I hear that you would like to add me to your list of satisfied customers and I would love to be on your website... I love my Comfy Tube so much I would love to tell all the other furries out there just how great it is. You are the best!! We love your website, your comfy stuff, and the way you love your pets! Thanks Again"~ Buttons


Judy loved to sleep in the hammocks while using the peek hole to keep an eye on everyone.

Jonah, Freckles, Willard, Thunder, Lightning and Pokey

From Donna - "I gave the hammock to the boys. I thought for sure that they'd chew on the straps, but they didn't. They respect the hammock enough to not do that. To say that the boys love their hammock is an understatement. I'm enclosing a pic of the boys in their hammock. Hope you like it. If you're interested, we now have our monthly newsletters available on our website. Click here for details. Thanks again for the hammock. I'll definately be buying from you again in the near future."

  Charlie in Hammock
This is one of two hairless Guinea Pigs that share this wonderful bag. It is made with Faux Fur on the inside to help keep them warmer than a normal haired critter would need.


To order

email: mdkarr@rattieworldocomfort.com 


I understand times are hard and everyone is trying to make money somehow - but please keep in mind that the Hide 'n Peek Hammocks and Comfy Cozy Rattie Tubes and my original embroidery designs are patented and cannot be copied. This is how I earn money for my family. And my photos are all copyrighted and cannot be used without my permission. I hope you all understand. Mary



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Jarman Photography

Other than purchasing items for your own little furry friends, if you have a pet store or online store and would be willing to sell our items, we would love to talk with you. Or possibly know a contact at a store, please feel free to pass it on.


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My store's web address is http://www.zazzle.com/rattieworld


"An Unexpected Hero"

A fictional story of a sweet little creature doing the job of a larger one. After such
a terrible disaster many people owe their lives to this little hero.
Read about what happens and what this little one does.
And can you guess what this little one is?
You did - a little rat. His name? PuppyJack!


It's a Rat's World magazine graciously published our story
in parts over 10 issues. All illustrations were also done by us except two.
We thank Wodent Wheels for the use of the image of the children holding rats and to Michelle Spankie for the beautiful pic of a squirrel in a tree.
It started in the June 2012 issue. If you are interested in reading it - the magazines comes in two formats - PDF and Print. Click on the link below and follow the instructions for getting a subscription and possibly the back issues - most likely in PDF format.

Its a Rats World ...It's a Rat's World, ...we’re just living in it





In Stock
Stock need to be updated here, sorry.
But it is updated on the Square site for CC purchases.

If you aren't particular about the fabric, there are quite a few Tubes and Hammocks in stock.

Comfy Cozy Rattie Tubes® -
Standard Size
These are made for longer lasting durability. Great for girls or younger rats.

Comfy Cozy Rattie Tubes® -
Large Size
These large sized tubes are made of two layers of fleece with a cotton batting interior for extra support of many ratties or just that one special large squishy rattie.

Hide 'n Peek Hammocks®
Standard Size
These Hammocks are made in two sizes. Both have and outer layer of fleece and an interior of Flannel. The flannel is to help absorb accidents that may happen and that you would want kept away from tender skin. The standard size is 12"x12" and is good for 2 girls or one big boy. More could try to fit in and most likely would, but how comfortable would you be with a foot or tail in your face all the time? <:3 )~~

Hide 'n Peek Hammocks®
Heavy Duty Size
These Hammocks are made in two sizes. Both have and outer layer of fleece and an interior of Flannel. The flannel is to help absorb accidents that may happen and that you would want kept away from tender skin. These large hammocks have extra stability with a lining of cotton batting. The large hammocks measure 15"x15" and are great for big boys or many girls.

With cute photos of ratties to greet you with each cup of coffee or tea. - You can see some of them on Etsy right now!

Embroidered Christmas Stockings and Canvas Shopping Bags
Christmas Stockings and Canvas bags for shopping with embroidered rattie designs. The Christmas Stockings come in Red or Green too.

Rattie Mattie®
Rattie Matties are two layers of fleece to provide padding on wire floors. They are excellent under a food bowl to catch the spill as those picky eaters search for what they are hungry for. Completely washable and attached to the cage by your choice of hooks or velcro to keep it in place. Why not offer a room of wall-to-wall carpeting for your pet?

Rattie Bag O' Comfort ®
This two layer bag with cotton batting inside attaches to two sides of the cage to prevent it from being dragged down to the botton into the litter and to prevent them from falling off a shelf while sleeping or playing in the bag. Yes, we were taught this was needed during a playtime one day. Fortunately the fall wasn't that high up.

Rattie Greeting Cards©
Remember the days of waiting for the postman to bring a letter? Well, you can make that happen for someone who loves pet rats too by writing a note on one of the cards and sending it to them on a special occasion or just for fun. Why not brighten someone's day?

Aprons on Hand©
Aprons are for Adults and children. Check back for new designs.

Vests on Hand
Embroidered Jean vests for the Rattie Lover.

Bead jewelry with some rattie charms. Check them out!

 Please note that the items with the ® & © are protected and cannot be copied.


Don't forget to check out the Magazine about Rats and their owners!

Its a Rats World ...It's a Rat's World

...we’re just living in it

Ask us about a credit for hooks you can get off your next order...
So hold on to those hooks!



Read about Deacon and Duke in their new digs! - Where It's Rat



Yellowstone Adventure

We had a blast at Yellowstone. Buffalo were everywhere. We even saw Mountain Goats, Grizzly's, a Black Bear, Sand Hill Crane, Pelican, Badgers, Elk, Pronghorn, Deer, Uinta Squirrels, Chipmunks, Clark's Nutcracker and more. If you want to see some of the 160GB worth of images I took (not all will be posted of course) you can go to my other website - http://www.jarmanphotography.net.





Jarman Photography

Why not check out our new blog site -http://jarmanphotography.wordpress.com/

This is new to us so when you visit, make sure to leave a comment to let us know how well we are learning. :-)