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Adams, Leonora Larson - Daughter of Andrew Larson. Sister of Nina Larson Jensen, Kathryn Larson Bigelow. -
Anderson, Andrew - Dau. Mary Sophia Anderson Larson. Homesteaded in Derby(Hollywood) 1876. Buried in Woodinville Cemetery. Woodinville
BL. 2 Sq 22 Loc. 1
Anderson, Vic - Saloon keeper, livery stable owner. -
Anderson, “Dad” - Train Engineer. -
Baranzini, Josephine - Sister of Mary Baranzini. -
Baranzini, Mary - Sister of Josephine Baranzini. -
Bergeth, - Family used to fight with the Cates Family. -
Bernhard, Gerry - Husband to Harriett Bernhard and moved to Woodinville in 1951. Tall wore glasses, soft voice and blue eyes -
Bernhard, Harriett b. 1912 Wife of Gerry Bernhard and moved to Woodinville in 1951. Had brown hair. -
Bigelow, Kathryn Larson - Daughter of Andrew Larson. Sister of Nina Larson Jensen, Leonora Larson Adams. -
Brask, Albert - - -
Brown, Bud - Son of Wallace and Flora Brown. Brother of Steven Brown. -
Brown, Flora Collicot b. 1903 near Belgrade, Montana Ch. Steven (Bus), Bud. She is descended from the 1st Collicots in Woodinville. -
Brown, Ida Mae b. May 10, 1926 neqar Cottage Lake
m. 1946
Family owned 100 acres where McClendon's is now. The state took some of their land which divided the land in a way that it could not longer be used. Her mom was a school teacher & her dad was the forman for Campbell's Logging Co. & was Swedish. -
Brown, Jesse - Co-owner of Grace Mill with Red Hahn. Son is Wallace Brown. -
Brown, Steven (Bus) - Son of Wallace and Flora Brown. Brother of Bud Brown. -
Brown, Wallace - Son of Jesse Brown and husband of Flora Collicot. ch. Steven (Bus), Bud. -
Calkins, John - - -
Carlberg, Elmer b. 1894
d. 1987
Liked to be called “Son of the stumpland” because of what the loggin left. Built the fountain in the Cemetery which pumped water from Bear Creek. Parents were John August and Julia Carlberg. Sister = Emma. Used to take care of the Woodinville Cemetery. He was one who designed the first Gate that had the harp design which later burned from a spark from a passing train. PFC US Army WWI Woodinville
BL. 5 Sq 3 Loc. 1
Carlberg, Emma - Parents were John August and Julia Carlberg. Sister to Elmer Carlberg. -
Carlberg, John August - Son = Elmer Carlberg. Dau. = Emma. Husband of Julia Carlberg. Minister? Woodinville
BL. 2 Sq 21 Loc. 1
Carlberg, Julia Christina - Son - Elmer Carlberg. Dau. = Emma. Wife of John August Carlberg. Woodinville
BL. 2 Sq 21 Loc. ?
Carsteen, Mr. - - -
Cates, - Family used to feud with the Bergeth Family. -
Clark, George - Daughter, Grace Elberta Clark, drowned at 5yrs old. -
Clark, Grace Elberta b. 2/24/1904 Boston, Mass. Grace was age 2 when came to WA. At age 4 her mom and sister died within a few days of each other. Drowned when she was 5. -
Cooper, Walter - An engineer. -
Cramer, Rosey - - -
Daniel, Mr. - Had a blue barn. -
Denney, Frank - - -
DeYoung, John - Built first building that housed only the post office. -
DeYoung, Lowell - Owned a feed mill that burned to the ground due to two thieves that robbed Bo Johnson's Auto repair shop of a torch to break into the Mill's safe. Instead, they burned the mill and were later caught and sent to jail. The flames lept hundreds of feet into the air. -
Dickerson, Elizabeth - Ran a Bee farm with Nell Pearce 1920's - 1950's. She was a physical director - job with the YMCA in 1914 & went overseas in 1917 with them. Arriving during the Bolshevik Revolution. She stayed in Russia for 2 years. There she became sick & it affected her voice. She moved to Woodniville upon Dr’s orders. Governor looked for a bee keeper after WWI. -
Doolittle, - - -
Draper, Herb - Brother to Mainard Draper. -
Draper, Mainard d. 1926 or 1927 Brother to Herb Mainard. Came from Nebraska with a “flock” of orphans. He bought an old hotel building in Des Moines and turned it into an Orphanage. He taught them all to play a musical instrument & became a fine band being quite famous in the whole state until his death. -
Erickson, Alfred - In grade school in 1921. -
Erickson, Wilford - In grade school in 1921. -
Evans, Helen - Title - Miss. Of Derby (Later Hollywood Hill). -
Flaherty, - - -
Fowler, Ruth Mary - In grade school in 1921. -
Fragner, Norm - Norm’s resort early 1940's where Cottage Lake Beach Club is now. -
Freeman, Henry - Father of Ray Freeman - was a sawyer. Died of TB. -
Freeman, Raymond Leroy b. 9/24/1913 Maltby, Wa.
d. 2/27/1992 Kirkland, Wa.
m. Vera Jones
First wife’s name was Vera. Son was Henry Freeman. Ida Jacklin - Maternal Aunt. In grade school in 1921. Mother - Agnes who later married a Fred Rogers. m. Vera Jones of Redmond who was engaged to someone else when they met. Were married for 51 yrs. Ch. Mary Sharon Freeman, Joan Freeman Guptill, Gary Freeman. Grandchildren: Roxanne Graham Heller, Raymond Graham, David Guptill, Joe Guptill, Stephanie Freeman, Michael Freeman. Grt Grandchildren: Mason Heller, Jared Heller. Instrumental in getting Woodinville incorporated in May 1992. -
Funk, Guy - - -
George, Hazel - Wife of Jack George -
George, Jack b. 1916 Husband of Hazel George. Moved to Woodinville at age 2 in 1917 to Hollywood Hill area first called the George Hill. Bought a Model T in 1935 at age 18 for $426 and gas at 5 gal/$1.00. -
Goddard, Capt. - Used to live in the Woodinville area. Was first capt. to run a steamboat up the Yukon River. -
Griffiths, Dan - In grade school in 1921. -
Hahn, Red - Co-owner of Grace Mill with Jesse Brown. -
Halver, Helen Hansen b. 1895
d. 1979
Half Sister of Bill Jaderholm. Father is Eric Jaderholm. Emanuel & Gretta Neilson were her grandparents. Her son is John Halver, lives in Seattle. Helen was named after Mrs. Woodin’s daughter Helen. Woodinville
BL. 1 Sq 14 Loc. 6
Halver, John E. - Son of Helen Halver. Woodinville
BL. 1 Sq 14 Loc. 4
Hansen, Anders - - Woodinville
BL. 1 Sq 14 Loc. 2
Hansen, Andrew - - -
Hargus, Boyd - Operated tavern with wife, Pearle, 1956. -
Hargus, James - - -
Hargus, Pearle - Operated tavern with husband, Boyd, 1956. -
Harquart, Ed - Depot agent. Was the first person to own an automobile (a 1908). -
Heisdorf, Arthur b. 1913 Purchased a 1930 model A Ford for $75.00 in 1938 -
Hendrickson, Helen - In grade school in 1921. -
Hendrickson, Martin - In grade school in 1921. -
Hinch, Mr. - House was located at NE 175th and 140th NE. -
Holcomb, Mary Calkins - Grandfather - Arthur Llewellyn Calkins. Father - Theodore Calkins. At age 1 came to Woodinville in 1875 from Kentucky. Mother - Lily Coutura born in Willows. Grandmother - Samara Catheren (DeWitt) Calkins who was a mother of 7 boys and 2 girls. -
Holtman, August - - -
Holtman, Matilda - Wife of August Holtman. -
Hutchinson, Mr. - - -
Jacklin, Ida b. 1895 Ray Freeman’s Maternal Aunt. Son - Stanley. Daug. - Clella. -
Jacklin, Stan - In grade school in 1921. Son of Ida Jacklin. -
Jackson, Clella - In grade school in 1921. Dau. of Ida Jacklin. -
Jacobsen, Clara Teegarden - First Woodinville Teacher. Co-owned a store. -
Jacobsen Sarah m. 1912 - -
Jaderholm, Bill - Half brother of Helen Halver. Father was Eric Jaderholm. Ran a store. 1st Mail carrier. (also spelled Jatterholm?) -
Jaderholm, Eric - 1st logger of any note. Father of Helen Halver and Bill Jaderholm. -
James, Henry - - -
Jensen, Nina Larson - Daughter of Andrew Larson. Sister of Kathryn Larson Bigelow, Leonora Larson Adams. -
Johnson, Beryl - - -
Johnson, Bo - Owned an Auto repair shop from which a torch was stolen and used to burn down Lowell DeYoung's mill in a foiled robbery attempt. -

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