About us

Our company was started as a way to supply pet rats from all over the world with a more comfortable habitat. Wire cages can be cold and hard on their little bodies. We felt there was a need to make items their size on which they could walk safely and sleep in comfortably. The items we make are handmade and more durable than most on the market and ratties enjoy them.

Each item’s style is tested by our “rattie personnel” who let us know if they like it or not. During some of these tests, they may decide to make changes in a design which may or may not make it into the final design.

Human and Rattie customer feedback is important to us also. We encourage comments and suggestions.

If you have a photo of your little ones enjoying one of our products, just email it to us with a caption you would like and it will be added graciously to our “VERY satisfied customers” page for other rattie lovers to enjoy.

We have a shop on Ebay and Etsy. Please visit both.

Thank you for shopping with us -

Mary D. Jarman Karr

 Charlie, our Star

Charlie the Rattie Star
   She was the originator of the
Hide 'n Peek Hammock