Hasselbrings and Raschers

Elsie Rascher's Family
Victor Rascher, Elsie Hasselbring Rascher (Victor's mother), Marge Foetisch, Glen Rascher (Ida Rascher's son),
Ida Rascher, Sue Rascher (Ida's daughter), Betty Rascher (Ida's daughter killed in a truck accident).

Elsie Rascher's Family, photographer switch
Marge Foetisch is now taking the photo and her husband is in her place.

A group just conversing. Marge Foetisch, Victor Rascher, Elsie Rascher, Ida Rascher

More of Elsie Rascher's Family
Back Row: Duane Rascher (Ida Rascher's nephew), Sue, Doris (Ida Rascher's niece), Victor Rascher,
Marge Foetisch
Middle Row: Elsie Rascher and husband Walter Rascher, Ida Rascher
Children of Walter and Elsie: Ellen, Donna and Elaine
Duane and Doris are also their children. There are two Elsie Raschers.

Elsie taking family photos now
Elsie Rascher taking a family portrait.

A Cheerleader or Band leader. Sue Rascher