The Cattery Cats


Hissy who almost died from a blood infection

Gwen, rescued near Camelot Estates, thus her name, Gwenevere.

Chloe - She was first thought to be 6 months old.
But I knew she was much older and had a vet recheck her.
The vet discovered she had 1 tooth left and looking at her condition came to the same conclusion I did where she was at least 15 years old.

Charger - This guy had bitten the vet upon check in and was under a 10 day quarrantine when I met him. He would do a threatening charge at whoever would clean his cage. He managed to draw blood while taking a swipe at two people just looking at the cat below. He had signs all over the cage for people not to touch him. When he first charged me, I charged him back. I saw he was just very scared and needed someone with a lot of patience and love to give him. Today he is a wonderful cat and loves to give head buts and love.

Bubba - What a big loverboy. He had the hearts of all the helpers. Then we found out he had Leukemia.

Jean Lafitte - a feral to the core. He finally let me pet him only while he was eating.

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