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Cats and Dogs

Many of the volunteers in the cattery remember Charger. He bit the vet when he was first brought in. But then, wouldn't you after being so scared? so, he was on quarantine. While at the Cattery, he was living in a very large Air Kennel, as many of the other cats were. He was on the end of a row away from people, so as people approached, they often startled him. He would then charge them, acting as tough as he could. This of course is how he got the name Charger. He even reached out and touched a volunteer while she was distracting the cat in the cage below so its cage could be cleaned. But this touch was not a welcomed one as Charger's nails were out. The last couple of weeks I was there I noticed more about him. I realized how scared he was and that this was a strange way for him to ask for attention, but I believe that is what he was doing. The last two volunteers that worked with me, Cathy and Angela, came up with the same thoughts too. And we were all right as you will see in this short movie clip. The clip may take a moment or two to load. The deep meow is Bubba and the high pitched meow is pneumonia kitty, a.k.a. Jean Lafitte. The man in the clip is my husband, so Charger is friendly to others as well. Yippee!

Charger, the way he is now (5mb)


Here is a short movie of Daisy with Kate at the graduation class of her 7 week puppy training. Kate has plans of going on with her training as she is still food aggressive and a little cautious of people. I missed her doing her shake, but here is her down and then sit.

Daisy in graduation class(3mb)

9th Ward

Be prepared for what you see - or don't see. These were shot out of the car window as we drove through the 9th ward looking for a reported dog that was sighted in this area. It was, and is still important to get to these animals that are here since there is nothing left for them to eat or drink. They are literally starving to death.

9th ward (~30mb)
9th ward - second movie clip (18mb)

Owl Release

This owl was the in Muttshack's care because of New Orleans' rebuilding. It was used to landing on power lines that had no juice going through them for so long. Then the power company got many of the lines connected and this owl landed on a line and was electrocuted. Fortunately for it, the jolt wasn't bad enough to prevent his release the next day. But watch where he flies to in the video.

Owl release (10.5mb)

Sharpei Reunion

This dog's story has been an amazing one. It started back in April 2005 when he was stolen from his owner. The owner had posted fliers everywhere with a reward for his return and never saw him. After Katrina he thought he would try again. He wasn't even sure if his dog was still alive or even in the area. Someone saw the flier and told one of our rescuers, Lucy, about it. Fortunately she had just caught a Sharpei the night before on a trip trying to go for a different dog that was sighted. Could it be the same dog? She called the number and the owner came to Muttshack. In the meantime, this dog seamed depressed and didn't want to eat or drink or go for walks. He had to be dragged from the cage to go to the bathroom. No matter how much attention he was given, he just didn't seem interested.
The owner showed up and spent some time in the office filling out forms so he could have a look at the dog. In the meantime, he told me some ways to identify him. I went to the dog clinic where the dog was and I opened the cage to check out these markers. But I couldn't get the dog out of the cage to check. The vet walked in at that moment and I asked him if the dog was neutered. Yes and then the vet told me some other markings that matched this gentleman's description. Wow!
Next, we had the owner walk into the clinic down another row as I and Lucy watched the dog. The owner talked with Amanda and as soon as the dog heard his voice, he sat up. When he heard it again his butt started to wag and then he was up on his hind legs inside the cage listening again. Then he heard him again and he started whining and the owner then saw the dog. I noticed the tears in the owners eyes and I looked at the dog again and opened the cage door. This depressed, non-moving dog shot out of that cage towards this gentleman in such a hurry that he could have put the road runner to shame. I started to cry happy tears and then Lucy saw me and she started too. We all ended up shedding happy tears as we watched the reunion unfold. He thought he had lost his best friend forever.

Sharpei and his VERY happy owner

Sharpei reunion (9mb)