The Monkey Boys

March and April 2008
March 2008 -    

Backup enjoying a morsal of food.


Yoo Hoo. Anyone in there? says Sidekick

Hey, how did you get out there?


The three Monkey Boys
Wingman, Sidekick and Backup showing off in front.

Sidekick and Backup -
Hello, it's dinner time! Where's the grub?



A friendly spat among brothers who always seem to be hungry.
This is Sidekick and Backup.


Backup looking for something down below.

April 2008 -    

Anyone want to play?


Hey Guys!
Does this end of the corn taste better than the rest?

"This is my corn ", says Wingman


Hey, tssk!
Do you have another ear of corn for me?

Like my blaze?


"Alright you two down there, break it up."

Sidekick and Wingman Looking ohh so cute


"Really, we look cute?", says Wingman

Wingman knows there are girls in that direction.
Can ya tell?


Break time! Yum.

"I'm so Buff."


"I have a question."

"Hold on! It's an Earthquake! Remember to stand
in a doorway, like this."


Wingman is hungry again!

Updated 04/22/2008