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Jake came from the Everett Rescue


Jake has something going on. You can see below he was just fine. But last night when I went to give them their dinner - he was jerky and couldn't seem to sit still. He wouldn't come out of the tissue box but he ate his dinner. This morning I took him out of the box and watched him. He doesn't have a head tilt, but he is definitely favoring his left side - like walking in circles to the left. It looks like he is favoring his whole left side. That is the side that growth was on and came back, but hasn't grown past a small pea size - at least externally. He is eating and drinking and kissing me just fine. He wandered the bed a little but then came back for a back rub. But he never really stayed still like he would have normally. I have given him some Amoxicillan just in case it is his left ear. But from what I have seen in the past - I would lean more towards a stroke or the result of a seizure or possibly how an internal tumor is behaving. :-(



He seems to be doing better. He is on Metacam, which he hates, and Cephalaxin, which he loves. He has been moving around his two level cage just fine now. Although he still has a little bit of a head tilt. I hope he gets better soon. He did give me kisses today like his old self.














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