Little Rascals Gang


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I met these boys on December 7th, 2012. They were about 1 week old...

On a pick up of a bunch of ratties from a young girl who had rescued quite a few from a pet store, there was a Mom rat with 6 babies. But two passed away leaving four boys. They are sooo cute. I left them with all the others at Best Friend Rodent Rescue and came home that night with "Grumpy Old Man" who is now named Saul. But I kept thinking about these little ones. Since Willow had blessed me with her babies and who all grew up and have gone to the bridge, I have only had rats 1 year or older of whom no one else wanted. Now I have 5 week old babies who are still pop-corning when I get them excited. How awesome is that?




I went to pick up some ratties from BFRR to take them to the vet on the morning of 1/8/2013 for spaying and neutering. I told Joanne to get the boys ready. I would like to take them home. So home they came after I re-arranged my office to accomodate a large cage for them. A lot of work, but they are fun to play with.


2580 I am exploring under the mattie on the floor of this HUGE cage. My name is Petey. It is because of me we are called the Little Rascal Gang.


I am Petey and I love to eat.

Buckwheat and Alfalfa are checking out the camera. 2594


Spanky and Buckwheat are inspecting their escape while Alfalfa keeps a lookout. Just like in the TV series so I guess Alfalfa's name fits. :-)


Spanky giving his cute look. How can anyone resist this cute face?


Petey is trying to look innocent.


Spanky is trying to get on my good side. He doesn't know why yet - just that he should.


Spanky offering another cute face look.


Petey and Spanky. Petey is learning from Spanky on how to do his cute look.







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