Lovable Revlon
Molly in July 2007
Xmas Revlon
Molly in July 2007 in her new Hammock
Revlon Hammock
Molly in July 2007
Revlon in Love
Rattie Love Forever - Molly in July 2007
Molly Christmas in July 2007
This little girl's first name was Mabelline. But that was just too long to call and she didn't seem to answer to it anyway. So we thought and thought and finally came up with Molly. She seems to like this new name and loves to come out and sit on your shoulder. She is frightened if you come at her too quickly to pick her up. I am not sure why, but with a lot of love from us, we hope she will realize there is nothing to be afraid of.  

February 2, 2008 - A sad day

Fri Jan 30, 2009 4:02 pm (PST) posted on the Ratspacnw listserv

Monday will be a sad day. It is a day I always dread. A day that I
have scheduled to send a friend on to the Bridge to wait for me - my

About a month ago I found a pea sized mammary tumor growing and
thought immediately about getting it taken out. But as I felt around,
well, there were just too many little ones to count. And then I did
the math and realized that she was almost 2.5 years old. She has been
in excellent health up until this. I just hate it. And knowing that
soon her quality of life will only get worse. The pea sized tumor are
now two very large ones which are just starting to affect the way she
is walking. I don't want her to suffer, but it is hard to say

She is a licker and a snuggler and has ALWAYS enjoyed yogis. And she
is one of the few that have boggled. I am going to have my daughter
help me today to take a small video of her boggling. She still looks
good as she has always been on the larger side (had to be the yogis)
so you can't see that anything is wrong. Thus I don't feel like
taking the video is a bad thing. It will be fun to look back at it
later when the sadness has passed to see those eyes boggling in
rhythm. And with her large dumbo ears - well, it is just soooo cute.

So she will get to go play with her sister, Blondie, on Monday at the
bridge and I know I will race back home to Willow and her 9 babies
(who will be 1 year old in April) and Dawn and Sidekick and Backup. I
know I will take all of them out, one by one, to hug and kiss away my
pain. They may not understand, but I will.

And I will remember the good times...




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