Rodney and Rupert



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Rodney and Rupert are brothers from an unplanned litter. These two were surrendered to the Humane Society for Seattle and King County, Washington on 07/3/2012. They were born on 02/02/2012. They came to live with us on 08/28/2012.


This is Rodney. At least that is what he will be called from now on. The shelter didn't know who was who. He ate almost all the way home. As soon as the cage door was open on the bed he stuck his head out and then was off exploring. He is definitely the more outgoing of the two.




So this must be Rupert. He has two distinctive white markings on his left side. Rupert is a little more shy. He sat mostly in the new hammock all the way home in the car. And he let his brother explore our bed first and come back to report it was safe.

08/29/2012 - They are doing great. Rodney LOVES to dig through the food bowl to find exactly what he wants to eat as he knocks out the rest of the food all over the floor. His brother, Rupert, is fast and darts up to the food bowl, grabs any food he can and runs off to a corner to eat it. I was filling their bowl yesterday. I use and empty Yogi container as a scoop. So I held out the container to them after I filled it with food. Rodney came and sniffed the food and then in an instant he had grabbed the lip of the container and pulled to get it in the cage thus startling me to letting go and it fell into the cage spilling most of the food all over the floor to which he inspected and ran off with what he wanted. This all happened in a split second. Rodney's main interest is definitely food.

09/07/2012 - So putting Rupert and Rodney back in their cage has become quite a challenge. I would put one back and then in a split second he would sneak out while I was going for the other brother. This could go on for quite a time until I can catch both at the same time and put them in their hammock very fast, wait until their tails clear the door and shut it quickly. Then they get upset of course and start to tussle. So I usually have a treat ready of some kind so right away, I offer the treats so they go to their own corners allowing me to close the door more slowly and safely. It's been a long time since I have had brothers. They seem to act out more than just cage mates. Maybe it is the jealousy thing that seems to run in siblings - rat and human both. Whatever it is - it makes ending their free range time challengingly funny.



09/08/2012c 09/08/2012A
The above two images were taken on 09/08/2012 of both brothers.

So, yay - We are finally going to get Rodney and Rupert neutered on 12/19/2012. Wahoo! Then in a few weeks they should be able to go back together. If that doesn't work, they will at least be able to be paired with a girl each with no consequences.







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