Photos of Charlie, the Rat
She is a girl.

Charlie was the rat that started Rattie World O' Comfort. How does a rat start a business you say? Well..... Charlie was a girl that LOVED hammocks. Being in tough financial times (as many of us were and are) and I knew how to sew I would make hammocks for my rats. But Charlie went further on the design. She would chew a hole - just one - in the exact same spot of each new hammock so she could be inside the pocket while still being able to keep an eye on the bedroom door for when I would come in with dinner. My younger daughter suggested I sew them that way for her. So I designed the first ©Hide 'n Peek Hammock. Charlie loved these hammocks so much and didn't redesign them that my daughter then suggested I sell them. Thus my business was born.
Here is Charlie at age 6-7 weeks when we got her.
Here is Charlie in November 2002. She isn't that big,
but she is sure the Alpha female no matter what
cage she is in. She loves to ride on shoulders
and loves to give kisses.
Charlie, the bandit
Charlie, the bandit of noodles. This photo "magic"
was done by my younger daughter and
placed on my desktop when I wasn't looking.
Charlie is smelling the flower and was
puzzled when she smelled nothing.

Last Updated    -     June 27, 2003