by Mary D. Jarman Karr
Chester may be large
   he may be fat.
But he sure is
   my favorite rat.

He loves my shoulder.
   He's so at ease.
Everywhere I go
   he's sure to please.

Then at night
   when I lay to rest,
He begins his job
   of being a pest.

Go to sleep I say.
   Go to sleep right now.
But like that rat
   he takes a bow!

He continues to play
   he continues to romp.
Until I get up
   and then I stomp.

He isn't scared.
   He doesn't hide.
He climbs the cage
   with his eyes open wide.

He's hard to resist,
   and hard to ignore.
I reach in to pet him
   as he stretches for more.

I love my Chester,
   even when he's loud.
For he is my large rattie.
   He makes me so proud.

Photos of Chester, the Rat

Chester in September 2002
Here is Chester, shortly after we got him.
He was about 6-7 weeks old.
He weighed in at about 2 oz.
Here is Chester in November 2002, one month later.
His fur is getting to be rougher and there is some white mixing in
with it. However, he looks like he is a hooded rat in that
his head and a strip down his back is blacker with no
white in it. He almost weighs 1 pound.
Chester in November 2002
Chester looking for something
Chester is looking for something.
Chester smelling the flowers and
Cedric is having nothing to do with them.
Chester smelling the flowers

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