Photos of Cordy, the Rat
Her name is actually Cordelia.

Here is Cordy at age 6 weeks old.
She is a velveteen, Rex, Varigated, mismarked blaze capped Dumbo. Her whiskers tickle
and even though she is small, she sticks up for
herself very well. She loves to ride on your shoulder
anywhere and if she gets scared, she hides in your hair. In this photo from the breeder, she has all her toes. But when we picked her up she was missing a toe. It seems the father got out of his cage and in with the Mom and babies and we guess that poor Cordy got in the way.
Here is a photo to show you how big she has gotten.
No, we haven't taught her to fetch yet.
Cordy with a tennis ball
Cordy Collage
Here is Cordy getting into mischief. Either that or she wants to take the pictures.

We got Cordy from Michelle at Curly Whiskers Rattery.