Bandit and Tessa

Bandit is named this for obvious reasons regarding her mask.
Tessa's name just fits her.

This is Hawkeye, the rat. He seems to have taken
on the role of step-dad to the peeking bandit and
the shy-looking Tessa.

Now Bandit looks like the shy one.

"Hey Tessa, are you sure this rat won't eat us?"

"Uh, Hawkeye, the pillow is over there."

Hawkeye is cleaning himself here in this photo and Trapper
makes a quick appearance.

"Is there a girl rat around?"

The little mice look like they have a new pal.

Tessa thinks Hawkeye needs to lose some weight
and Bandit is looking around.

"Um, Hawkeye, Please get off of me."

The new friends. Future "Mouse Knights"?