Here are photos of Puppy as time goes by

Here he is! He is lively and inquisitive with the sweetest little face. The very first photo was given to us by Hilary.


----------- 01/15/2011----------


Puppy in Hammock

Here is Puppy in his new Hide 'n Peek Hammock. Right now he is enjoying quiet time getting used to his new surroundings. He hasn't figured out the pockets yet, but given time I am sure he will. He seems to be a very smart little guy.


Here is a pic of his door after his litter rearrangement. Sorry for the quality - I took these with my DroidX. I will try and get my Canon in here so it will be ready with a good quality camera taking the pics next time. :-)

Pics of Puppy

Puppy Litter

Puppy has decided to block me from his cage door pushing his litter up to it from the othr side. Yet he will gently take yogurt drops and fresh peas from my fingers. He's and odd one ok. Giving him his space and following his lead. Time will tell him he has his own home and I won't hurt him. He is just sooo cute. And is definitely about 5 months old.


A fisheye Puppy rattie. That just sounds weird but looks cute.

Puppy Tube

Puppy is enjoying his Comfy Cozy Rattie Tube as his hammock since he recently found out how comfortable it is on top of it.

Puppy Hammock

Maybe Puppy chewed the strap off to give him better access to the water bottle while lounging in his new hammock. Maybe he is really a lazy boy at heart. Later he chewed off a second strap. He let me repair them and hasn't touched them since.


More Puppy Pics 01/21-23/2011


I like this photo of Puppy. Maybe this can spark some new name ideas.



"Can we play now?"

Puppy's Face







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