Here are pictures of our cat, Sammy.
They should give you an idea of his personality.

Sammy in arms
"Got my way again."
Sammy acting like a king in a dog bed.
Or is he one?
Sammy in a dog bed.
Sammy trying to sleep "Hey, I'm trying to sleep here."
"Let's see, what can I do to this family tomorrow? Sammy upside down bed.
Sammy being bashful? Sammy being bashful?
Or does he just want some peace and quiet?
Sammy does love his catnip mouse. Loves his catnip mouse
lovecatnip.jpg Sammy and his catnip.
"What's wrong with the way I sleep?" What's wrong with the way I sleep?
Sammy in costume He doesn't look too happy, does he?
How mad do you think I am? Gloweyes