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"Thank you sooo much for the Rattei Tube. Tickles and I love it soooo much! I hear that you would like to add me to your list of satisfied customers and I would love to be on your website... I love my Comfy Tube so much I would love to tell all the other furries out there just how great it is. You are the best!! We love your website, your comfy stuff, and the way you love your pets! Thanks Again"~ Buttons

April 2008

T.A.I.L.S. Rat & Mouse Sanctuary/a>

Jonah, Freckles, Willard, Thunder, Lightning and Pokey

From Donna - "I gave the hammock to the boys. I thought for sure that they'd chew on the straps, but they didn't. They respect the hammock enough to not do that. To say that the boys love their hammock is an understatement. I'm enclosing a pic of the boys in their hammock. Hope you like it. Thanks again for the hammock. I'll definately be buying from you again in the near future."

Wouldn't you just want to snuggle in with this little one? His name is Hercules. He doesn't look so tough here, does he?
Chia, Kelly's little one.
Charlie in Hammock
This is one of two hairless Guinea Pigs that share this wonderful bag. It is made with Faux Fur on the inside to help keep them warmer than a normal haired critter would need.

<-- Pepper loves her new Hammock. Isn't She Sooooo CUTE!-->
  And then there are our ratties...  
Charlie in Hammock
Charlie lounging around in her newly adapted Hammock.This is the hammock that later became the design for the
Hide 'n Peek Hammock which has been replaced with the Critter Sized and Travel Sized Hammocks.

Cedric enjoying a bag
Cedric enjoying an early version of the "Bag O' Rattie Comfort"
Charlie and Cordy
Charlie and Cordy enjoying a
"Comfy Cozy Rattie Tube"
Carly and Christina
Carly and Christina enjoying their early version of the
Bag O' Rattie Comfort


Three babies in the tube and there
is still room for more . They are 20 days old.


Willow is checking out the
tube that was meant for a get away
spot for her, but the babies quickly
figured out how to get into it . And now, this is where all nine sleep - Mom not included, even though there is still room for her in this large Comfy Cozy Rattie Tube.


They have learned to clean each other.
How cute. They are 22 days old here.

April 2008

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