The Rex Girls

and their new home adventures

As told by Mary

Pics of the girls

March 2008

March 20, 2008 - There was a call for help on one of the rat lists I read. The call was for someone in the Washington area to adopt a little girl who was biting. Here is a little of the description I was given when I responded -

"I know that rat's are not typically biters, which is why this totally took us by surprise.  We actually have a small rattery where we have bred before, nothing current, and of all the rats we've had, never one has ever seriously bitten.  She seems very cage aggressive at this point, and has now bitten my sisters daughter as well when she tried to feed them.  She says she seems terrified because she bites and runs. . .she came from a feeder breeder, so lord knows what's happened to her in her short life. Needless to say, she has no experience at all with a rat that is biting, and she's at a loss as to what to do.
There is also a small (well maybe not so small) chance she could be pregnant because she was kept in a large tank with 20 babies all boys and girls mixed. . .the babies were 5 weeks.  Just turned. . .so I'd say maybe a 50/50 chance she's pregnant, though she doesn't look it. . .so we're not really sure.
She actually bit me at the breeders house, but I wasn't sure why, it was hard, but didn't break the skin, so I thought maybe I startled her or something.  She seemed fine with my sister there (at the breeders).  Now that we have her at my sisters house, she cannot touch her.  You can't even put your hand in the cage without her biting.  They are very super careful when they feed her now and try to gage where she is, so they can get in there and out without being bitten.  She's honestly just very worried her little boy might get bitten, and he's only a toddler.  Her husband wants her to re-home the rat, of course he said we should just take her back, but she is afraid to do that, heaven knows what would happen to her."

I felt bad for this little one. And I had previously been looking for a youngster since all the rats I have now are about the same age. I thought about it and decided to try and work with her. She just sounded scared.

Later I was told more -

"Also, she said to let you know (and I did not know this before) she's currently being house with a baby rex as well.  The baby is 5 weeks old, born Feb. 9th.  So, almost 6 wks.  She is looking to place her too and they make great cage mates.  The thing with the baby is she does not get along at all with any of my sisters other rats.  However, she's the sweetest thing ever with people.  She's so darn cute, and if she wasn't so picky about her cage mates I'd take her in, but I don't have a free cage right now.  I don't know if you're interested or not, but since you're taking the other girl, I thought I'd give you first dibs on her.  Obviously they're both free, I just want to make sure they get a good loving home and you seem to be that!! :) "

Well, I was worried about housing the older girl alone so this eased my worries. I responded quickly in saying that I would indeed take the baby too. How awesome. I haven't had ones this young in a long time. I am soooo excited. And they don't have names yet so I get the privilege of naming them too. Wow.

She sent a photo of the baby and she has curly whiskers! Awesome. My Cordelia had curly whiskers. I am really excited now.

March 25, 2008 -

We picked them up today. Terri and her sister told me that the older girl had actually been in a tank with a snake to be its food, but survived. No wonder why she is a biter right now. Gosh, I can't imagine what she went through. She seems to be a tough little girl.

I opened the carton on the way home as my husband was driving since the flu still had a hold on me. I peered inside and they looked identical - just like the same model, but in two different sizes. I got to hold the older one right away. She was a little scared with all the movement in the car. I really had expected a nip, but there was none to be had. The baby looked even more frightened so I put the elder girl back. They cuddled together for a moment and then the elder was looking out of the box stretching as tall as she could. I pet them both for a little while and then closed the lid. They will be just fine in their new home, I can feel it.

March 27, 2008 -

They have settled in well. The older girl has "tested" my fingers, but when I squeak like a rat being hurt, she lets go. She has let me hold her a few times so far. I want her to get used to her new digs before I really work with her.
The baby is fearless. She wants to come out every time I open the door. It has been so long since I held a little one like her and I have forgotten how light weight they are. After having one of the Monkey Boys and then her, well, what a difference.
They both like their veggies and the older one seems to be a little food aggressive too. That would make sense if she was in a cage of many as she would have to fight for food. But hopefully she will understand that this isn't the case anymore. I always make sure to give each one of my rats individual servings of whatever I am giving them to help prevent feuding. I never liked the fighting that would go one when I just put down one bowl of fruits and veggies in a cage with more than one rattie since almost always there was a battle. So I first give each one their own piece and when they go off with their prize, I put in the bowl with the rest. They seem to be much calmer then getting more.
I did notice that someone is a burrier of the food. I would imagine that is the elder of the two girls. Again not surprising.

I just gave them a tissue roll, a jingle bell ball for rats and an empty tissue box. They seem to need something to keep them busy. When I am feeling better I will dig out one of the smaller wheels and put it in their cage and see if they use it. They have a lot of extra energy to spend.

I took both out of their cage, no problem. They both do not seem to used to being held, but they will learn it's an ok thing to do. The baby found the pouch around my neck pretty quickly and was so cute as she was looking out of it. The older one found the inside of my shirt and decided it was a nice place to visit, but she had more places to explore.

March 28, 2008 -

Since I was wide awake at 3:30AM our time for some reason, I decided to take my camera in and see if these two little girls were ready to have their picture taken. They were wide awake and had re-arranged their house again for the hundred thousandth time. So busy.

I opened the door and just waited. The first flash startled them, but after the first couple they seemed to act like pros. Almost posing for the camera. Of course play time with their new Mom snuck in there - how could it not with faces such as these?

Baby Girl

Older Sister

Yes, they are really two different ratties. If you click here you will see a new page of pics to which I will add as I take them. There you will see both girls together and what their coat looks like. I have decided that these two girls must be sisters. It could be they are cousins, but they look too similar and are just far enough apart that would allow them to be sisters. It would be typical that a snake food breeder would allow a new mother to get pregnant again right away. So I will call them sisters from here on out unless I find out other information. I do not know much about the Rexes and would love to know more. Their fur looks a little sparcer than it should so I was wondering if this is a Rex characteristic or if they have a hairless gene too. Please, if someone could educate me on what these two girls may be I would love to hear from you at And in risk of jinxing it - the older girl has not bitten at all. She tests to see if I am food, but when I sqeak, she doesn't do it again. Knock on wood! And my are they curious! Well, gotta go play...



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