The Rex Girls

March & April 2008

These girls colorings are a dark grey, not brown as most of these pictures portray. Their fir has a wave to it and seams a little more corse on their backs. Most of their whiskers are wavy to curly. The white on their stomachs are similar. The Baby's top of the white seams to form a V while her older sister's forms more of a W. Maybe I will try to pick names that start with V and W so I can remember how to tell them apart when they both reach the same size. :-)

Baby Girl is on the left and the Older Sister is standing on the right. See, there are two ratties.

Older Sister seeks young man?
Here you can see the W a little at the top of the
white on her belly.


"I wasn't doing anything, really I wasn't",
says Older Sister

There was food out here somewhere.
Older Sister


"I can't take it anymore. I want my Yogi!"
Older Sister

Here is baby the day before she gave birth.
Sorry about these 3 blurred photos.
They were taken with a point and shoot.


Baby looks rather large. But she was still pretty agile.

"Phew! I made it out. Where's the food?" says Baby.


Older sister

Older sister just got a new wheel in her cage. We thought it might
help the loneliness. But the first thing she did was to push the litter
into the wheel. It took her about 15 minutes before she was
satisfied with her work and for my sides to stop hurting
from the laughing. <: 3 )~~~~

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May I Introduce the Babies!

Updated 04/08/2008