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Saul came to us from a transport of a group of rats sent to Best Friend Rodent Rescue and intercepted before he was actually given to them. With a box labelled, "Grumpy Old Man" we couldn't resist taking him.


The "Grumpy Old Man" who is now called Saul and who has recently joined our home has no idea what a yogi is. Oh my... And he doesn't seem to know what a hammock or tube is. Guess we have a lot of fun work ahead of us.

He was originally dumped at a pet store. Then adopted and then returned because he was biting. But the person who returned him felt really bad about giving up on him and went back to get him. She found that he had been taken in and was about ready to be frozen and given to a snake. Phew. He was rescued and now he has been rescued again and given a forever home here with us.

Today he still hasn't ventured into the hammock or tube - but he has discovered what a Ghiardelli semi-sweet chocolate morsel is. But he didn't know how to take it from me. He just froze in place when I offered it. Maybe as we get to know one another more he will learn how to take gently like Perseus has. Saul LOVES to be talked to. I am going to put something appetizing in the hammock to see if I can entice him into it at his own pace following his nose. If anyone has any other suggestions they would be appreciated.






My original post on Facebook -

On 12/7/2012 I went and picked up some 4 week old baby boys, some baby girls around the same age (although there were at least three that seemed more like 3 weeks old), a mom with 6 - 1 week old babies which were looking really healthy and the mom was really sweet, and 7 larger boys about 4 months old with one a littler older. And then there was the Grumpy Old Man who was said to rush to bite you when you put your hand in his cage. I delivered all these guys and gals to Joanne at our local Best Friend Rodent Rescue's (BFRR) new location - their new home. Joanne got all the cages ready while my husband and I picked them up. They all look very healthy and ready for new homes. All except the Grumpy Old Man to which I could not leave behind. His face was too cute and he just looked at me and I him and there was a connection. He has one underdeveloped eye and a missing testicle on the same side as the eye. So they may have been from birth. A person who saw a video I posted on Facebook of him pushing out the bedding at me from inside his carry cage saw him and suggested the name Saul. I asked this old man, and he seemed to like the name so that will be his name.




Saul 2

Here you can see that his right eye is smaller than his left eye. He is also missing his right testicle, but not the testosterone. 12/07/2012

Saul 3

Isn't he cute? 12/07/2012

Saul 4

We put the scraps of material in the bottom of his new cage that were in the carry case in order to make him feel more at home since they already smelled like him. 12/07/2012

More pics of Saul...


Today I opened the door and let him sniff me. But I had held Perseus just before. This seemed to make Saul really interested and he sniffed and sniffed me all on my arm. But to get it all he actually came out onto my arm. It was hard to try and get a photo of that myself and the flash wouldn't go off because it was so close so the image looks more like a silouette. 12/12/2012
12/14/2012 So today, Saul came out onto my arms and I moved him over to the bed to explore. While he was exploring, I got to pet him. He tensed but never tried to bite. As I watched I saw him get more and more in an excitable state. So before he got way too excited - I picked him up and put him back in his cage. But I could tell he didn't want to go back. As soon as he was in he turned around and tried to get back onto my arms to get out. But as I pulled my arms away he tried to grab my sleeve and got me instead but let go immediately. But it did draw blood, but I know he didn't mean to get me. Time will let us get used to one another I am sure and we will be good friends.
12/15/2012 Saul and I did the same thing today. But he didn't get over excited so he was able to spend a long time out on the bed, almost a half an hour, investigating every corner. He hasn't discovered the under the blanket routine yet. He did notice that it is a long way down so he never attempted to jump down. I got to pet him many times. Each time his tenseness was less and less. But he never really relaxed this time yet under my touch. When it was time to return to his home, I was able to pick him up and hold him close for a few minutes without an attempt to bite. He was very tense at first, but then he looked up at me and relaxed a little. But he was mad at me for putting him back. However, he made no attempt to try and pull me into the cage, just some huffing once I closed the door standing tall against the door. Until he found the small yogi and he quickly and carefully chewed it up. He still sleeps on the floor of his cage. I wonder when he will find the magical warmth and comfort of either the Hammock or Tube?

12/17/2012 - Today I am taking our Best Friend Rodent Rescue rat - Saul - to get neutered. I hope all goes well. While he is out, I was hoping the vet could look him over and see what else may be under-developed like his right eye and right testicle. This morning he was out for an hour on our bed and discovered he could make it to the top of our headboard. So he explored all around taking a testing nip out of each stuffed animal up there. I finally got him down but he was getting mad - I think he knew I was going to be putting him back. He had been letting me give him back rubs without stiffening. But once he had gotten down from the headboard, he started the stiffening when I touched him. I tried to pick him up to put him back but he wriggled and squealed. So I put him down - mostly because I lost my grip. Normally I would continue to hold on to let them know wriggling won't work, but not this time. So when he got onto one of our pillows, I just picked it up and walked to his cage and he walked right in. I talked to him a few minutes and then shut the cage door. There was no huffing or puffing or tantrums this time. I think he tired himself out. So please, send good mojo his way this morning... I will be there at 9am PST. I also took some pics of him playing and cleaning his little face which I will get up later on my website...

12/17/2012 Part 2 - His ordeal from being masked to when he got to go home was about 2 hours. He has three incisions instead of one. It seems the right testicle was small and up inside. It wasn't a typical undescended one as it was attached to his bladder. The vet also asked me if he could see well. She thinks he is getting an early onset cataract in his normally developed right eye. I hope not. He let me pet him a lot afterwards - but then I had the advantage of him being really groggy. He seemed to enjoy it though so maybe he will remember that. Once we got home, he let me pick him up with no trouble and put him back into his home. Of course it wasn't like he left it since I removed all the cloth, washed down the cage floors and added clean material. And since he hasn't actually slept in the nice hammock or tube hanging in there yet, I thought I would try having an older clean hammock on the floor where he was sleeping and see if he gets the pocket cuddling idea which may lead to sleeping in the hanging hammock.




















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