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Saul came to us from a transport of a group of rats sent to Best Friend Rodent Rescue and intercepted before he was actually given to them. With a box labelled, "Grumpy Old Man" we couldn't resist taking him.

Saul 2397



Saul 2398


Saul 2399

12/11/2012 Here you can see both his eyes. Notice the right eye is much smaller?



Saul 2400

12/11/2012 This is a good shot of the smaller eye.


Saul 2401


Saul 2402

12/11/2012 Is he curious about me or the camera?

Saul 2403

12/11/2012 He is posing so nice - so it must be the camera...

Saul 2404


Saul 2405


Saul 2406

12/11/2012 His face is soooo cute.... But then I must be biased....

Saul 2407



Saul 2408

12/11/2012 Now he is pushing his blankets at me.

Saul 2409


Saul 2410


Saul 2411


Saul 2412

12/11/2012 Here he decided that he would like to bring them upstairs.

Saul 2417

12/11/2012 How far out of the cage can he stretch wihout falling?

Saul 2418


Saul 2420

12/11/2012 - "Wait, I hear something..."

Saul 2422

12/11/2012 - "Somewhere over there is a girl. I know it. I can smell her."

Saul 2423

12/12/2012 - Such character in this little face.

Saul 2426

12/12/2012 - "Did you say I could come out?"

Saul 2429


Saul 2430

12/12/2012 - Do you think this pic needs a fig leaf?

Saul 2433

12/12/2012 - I love his little feet.

Saul 2434


Saul 2440

12/12/2012 - It is very hard to see here, but he is out on my arm. He was sniffing me intently because I had just held Perseus who had finally let me take him out of his cage by reaching in his cage and getting him. It was really hard to take this photo myself and because it was so close, the flash wouldn't go off.

Saul 2442

12/17/2012 On the morning of his Neutering

Saul 2443

12/17/2012 He has found out he can get to the top of our headboard of our bed.

Saul 2450

12/17/2012 Do rats have dentures?

Saul 2452

12/17/2012 I love their little fingers.

Saul 2454

12/17/2012 Would Saul be insulted if I say he looks like he has a Jimmy Durante nose?

Saul 2455

12/17/2012 This denture cream must not work very well...

Saul 2456

12/17/2012 This is what he looks like after he has given himself a bath.

Saul 2464

12/17/2012 Yes, our headboard is made of wood.

Saul 2465

12/17/2012 Our headboard is like a Sterling Silver teething rattle. It has the teeth markings of all the critters that have made it to the top.


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