I was a Stray,
But I Have Found My Home.

  This kitten was found at a local church one night. Four of us came out of the church after our meeting. She ran right past the first three people directly to me. That's right, come directly to the sucker. :-)

  She had no collar and was very friendly. I couldn't leave her there and one other person would have taken her, but she was going out of town. So she was picked up and immediately her loud motor of a purr started. Oh, did that bring back memories for me. Not only was this friendly sweet little girl a tortoise shell, but she had a purr just like my 17 year old cat I lost in 1995.

I carried her back to the car and brought her home. I expected my hubby to pack up an leave once he saw her. Another animal. But he liked her too. My eleven year old liked her too much.

  When it came time to return her after the owners called as a result of the 7 signs we posted in the area she was found, my eleven year old was inconsolable. She still carries the last little toy mouse we couldn't find that belonged to the kitty. We had called her kitty since we didn't know her name. I suspect her name would have remained Kitty if she stayed with us. The hope being, she wouldn't like her old home and the gentleman who owned her would call and ask if we would want her.

  But I know what it is like to lose a friend. He had just recently lost a 12+ year old cat and this kitten filled the void he must have had in his heart. The kitten had gotten out because he was out of town and the person watching the kitten accidently let it out.

  Well, now she is home with him and giving him all the love he needs. We have three of our own, Daffy who is 20, Sassy who is 14, and Sammy who is about 2. We also have three dogs, Hans who is 13, Buster who is about 6 and Luke who is 5. So we are not lacking in the feline love catigory.

Animals seem to live a long time in our home. Maybe it is from all the love we give them. I hope "Yum-Yum" gets as much love as we would have given her so she can live a long time too.

  I think "Kitty" is a better name, though.

New Visitor

"Aren't I a cutie?"
"Hey, this is a cool place to sit.
I can see a lot of birds here!"
Watching the birds
Coming to the Camera
"Did someone say it was dinner time?"

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