Baby Rex Girl's Pinkies Day 1 - 4

April 2008
These little pinkies were born sometime between 1:30am and 12 noon on Sunday, April 6, 2008. At 12:30am I was on my way to bed. I decided to check in on Baby and her older sister. Baby was not making any movements like she was expecting to be doing anything soon, but something told me I should separate the two girls and have Baby in the tank with the newspaper bottom and plenty of paper towels in there. So I set up the tank and with that and food and water and a toy and some chew things and put Baby in there. She didn't seem too concerned that she was alone. And her older sister wanted attention. I knew this separation would be the hardest on the older sister.

By 1:30am I had them both set up in their own cages and had given them both attention enough that both finally wanted to sleep. So I turned off the light and went to bed.

Since today was Sunday, I slept in and then had breakfast. So at noon, I went in to check on the girls. As I approached the cage I noticed that Baby had been busy with the paper towels as they were all fluffed up. As I got a little closer, I noticed some red coloring on the paper towels. Not much, but just enough to spark my "Sherlock Holmes" observance skills and realizing already there must be something else in that cage. And then I heard the music. The music of a choir of multiple little voices crying out for a meal or Mom or both. As I looked around, on the right side, the one nearest Baby's sister's cage, was Baby, proudly sitting with a pile of pink wiggly and very vocal babies. Awwwwww... My heart warmed and a great weight lifted from me (and Baby too). I had been so afraid of something happening to Baby during the birth that to see her so perky and healthy looking and taking care of her babies - What a wonderful sight. I could literally feel the Love in the room and it felt like the room grew brighter with it all.

The older sister was on the side of her cage nearest her sister watching as if seeing this miracle for the first time as well. But I am sure that she was there for her and mentally sending her sister the support she needed during her process.

And all the babies were clean and fed and sooooo pink. What a wonderful sight of what Mother Nature can do.

And now for the pictures. I am going to try and take at least one picture of the babies each day to watch their progress, as long as it doesn't disturb Baby.

Oh, and if anyone can come up with a suggestion for name for her I would love it. So far I have thought of Zoe or Vicki (short for Victoria or Victory or Victorious which she is). I also still need a name for her sister who survived two attempts at being snake food. But either the snake wasn't hungry or she was too fast. I would say the latter as she jumps really well and is a fast runner around her cage.

Here is a photo of Baby the day before the pinkies came. Sorry about the quality. I took it with a point and shoot digital. Silly me, I thought I would have more time.


Baby looks rather large. But she was still pretty agile.

Day One -

Baby Girl is being a wonderful Mom. Her cage was all cleaned up. If it wasn't for the blood stains on the newspaper, you wouldn't even have known she had given birth. But then, of course, another give away were the cute little cries of the pinkies. Boy are they loud for their size.

Day One - April 6, 2008 AM

Just the pinkies here. There are 9 of them. In this photo, one is under the paper towels next to the others. I can't believe my little Baby had these 9 babies inside her. She didn't look big enough to have them!


Day One -

Just in case you didn't believe me, here are the 9 sweet little pinkies. And the milk bands are very obvious. Now I know what everyone was talking to me about.

Day Two - April 7, 2008 PM


Day Two -

Count them, there still are 9!

Day Two -



Day Two -

"I'm so good. I'm so good."

Day Two -

Hi five everybody!


Day Two -

Just can't get comfortable.

Day Two -

Excellent Milk Band


Day Two -

Look at the little paws! Soooo Cute! Soooo little!

Day Two -



Day Three - April 8, 2008 PM

Still 9, still full and still sleepy, until Mom comes near! It looks like most of the babies might be blackies like their Mom. There may be two hoodies, but I do not see any PEWs. But we shall see...

Day Three -

A close-up of some of the babies - Awwww.


Day Three - I have been giving Baby (no name yet) scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese, chicken vegetable baby food (she doesn't seem to like that too much) and Kitten formula which she seems to love. I also gave her some green veggies as well today and refilled her cat food dish.

She has been very good at making sure all of them get to eat. And then I hear their complaining when it is time for Mom to clean them and promote their body processes. Ok, to make them poop. Once that is all done, they get sleepy. Baby takes a nap too at that time and then in a while I see her up and about. She looks around and does some house cleaning. She eats, drinks and does more house cleaning and then goes back to the babies and sleeps some more.

When the babies squeal, the older sister stands tall in her cage next door as if to check and make sure they are ok.

She is a wonderful Mom and I am so glad she is able to keep her babies with her.

Day Four - April 9, 2008

All nine


Day Four -

Close up of a baby

Day Four -

Another closeup of same baby. I think this baby
will need a shave soon.


Day Four -

I was right - I have two hooded babies! The one to the
right of the obvious hooded one is actually a better
marked one in that the line down the back is solid.

Day Four -

This may be a mostly black hooded baby.


Day Four -

I was able to put Baby in with her older sister for a short while when the babies were quiet. I took the babies out of the tank and placed them near her, although she didn't really like that cause she couldn't get to them. But I quickly changed the cage leaving some of the used paper towels in it in order for it to have some of the smell. And thanks to the newsgroup and many helpful people I was prepared for what she did as soon as she got back into the tank with her babies. She ran to them, picked one up and ran around the cage furiously. But it didn't last long and she put the baby back with the others. Thank you to those of you who warned me - it would have been a real freaky sight otherwise. My husband asked if I had gotten a video of it and I said no. I think I was too much in awe of what I was seeing to think of getting the camera. Next time I will be prepared if she does it again. I was also right in thinking that even though the dad was a PEW, I will not have any in this litter. Oh well. I was actually hoping for a Black eyed white.




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