Willow's Pinkies Day 5 - 8
(Baby Rex Girl's)

April 2008


Baby looks rather large. But she was still pretty agile.

Day Five - April 10, 2008

Really, there are nine babies here. Can you find them all?

Day Five -

Look EARS!


Day Five -

Here is one of the hooded babies. And there are
whiskers here!

Day Five -


One Hooded Baby


Day Five -

The other Hooded Baby

Day Five -

The oddly Hooded baby.


Day Five -

Faintly, this looks to be a reverse hooded. Is there such thing? Or is it a Black with white markings?

Day Six - 04/11/2008

Baby on back

This baby likes looking up at the world.




Day Six -

Hiding Baby

Um, can you sleep somewhere else?



Day Seven - 04/12/2008

Hiding Baby

Did someone sneak in with Dark grey paint?




Day Seven -

Hiding Baby

More whiskers. Eyes still closed.



Day Seven -

Hiding Baby

Look, curly whiskers! This one's Rex gene is showing through already!

Day Eight - 04/13/2008

They are getting darker yet. Are they going to have white on their
faces? And their ears almost look Dumbo-like.


Day Eight -

I can't wait for their eyes to open.

Day Eight -

Ok, can you find them all? How can they sleep under
each other and still be able to breathe?

  Day Eight -

Look how round those little ears are. And those little hands.
Oooo. So cute.



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