Photos and Stories of New Orleans after Katrina

taken by Mary D. Jarman Karr (unless otherwise noted)
(please be patient as some images take longer to load than others.)

New Orleans Area

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Slideshow of the cats in the cattery
There may be some duplicates, not many though and I apologize for that.
updated 06/22/2006

Photos are by Mary D. Jarman Karr unless otherwise noted.

My log of my New Orleans Animal Rescue Experiences
and other stories conveyed to me

updated 02/22/2009
The feline fosters I have
updated 02/22/2009
Our Katrina puppies
updated 06/22/2006
Medical Updates on Critters I have
updated 02/22/2009

Dog Jackets for sale updated 07/19/2006


Please - If you know of any person who is willing to adopt and pay the approximate amount of $140 for a loving cat/s and or kitten/s, then please get them in touch with Lucy. If you know of an organization who is willing to ship many out to them or come and get them, PLEASE get them in touch with Lucy right away. That will help save these little one's lives who had once been a loving pet to their owners in New Orleans who first lost their homes and memorabelia and now their furry friends too.


MOOIE - Have you heard about the plight of this little dog? The owners are dumbfounded and want to know who did this to their little dog. Click here for the whole story. Mooie Story Please be warned that some images in this story may be disturbing.

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