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Pics of the two girls

Baby Rex Girl

This is a photo Terri sent me of the baby, Willow.
I added some frill to the photo since this is a celebration.

Pics of the Pinkies Day 1 - 4

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May I Introduce the Babies!

Her babies as of 09/30/2010

Updated - 09/10/2010

Dawn passed away. She was getting sluggish and not wanting to play. We took her to the vet and she couldn't tell what she was feeling so we had her do an X-ray. She had two places at least that showed growths. That was when we all realized that she really wasn't fat - but growth filled. And in just doing the X-ray she became very winded and listless. So we knew it was time as much as we didn't want to say goodbye. We just knew that her quality of life was no longer good and we really couldn't tell she was in pain or not. But because of where these growths were, we were almost sure she must have been.



One of Willow's girls, Bella, has a mammary tumor. We noticed it on the morning of 12/25/2009 and by that Monday, the size had doubled and become inoperable. NOT FAIR!



Precious, Willow's daughter, passed away today. She kept losing weight like her Aunt Dawn no matter how much she ate. We were getting ready to make that dreadful trip to the vet when she left us peacefully in the night.



Bella has two tumors now and they are big. But she still gets around ok. Time is growing short for her before her quality of life is bad. She still does everything her mother does - including playing.


04/06/2011 Topper enjoys his 3rd Birthday. Click here to enjoy photos of the event.
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