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Caldwell, George W. 1906 1977 We Love You
Calkins, Lilly 1885 1929 (Same stone as Theodore L Calkins)
Calkins, Theodore L. 1876 1949 -
Calkins, W. Leroy Feb. 3, 1918 May 3, 1923 -
Campbell, Amy M.** 1887 1958 (shares stone with Oliver Campbell)
Campbell, John Irwin ** Jul 10 1924 Jan 6 1994 CPL US MARINE CORPS
Campbell, Mary Ann 1850 1931 (Daughter of David Bothell, wife of Robert Campbell)
Campbell, Mary Jane ** July 24, 1866 in
Indiana Co., Iowa
June 3, 1957
King Co., Wa.
Wife of Albert
Mother if six
Campbell, Oliver** 1875 1925 (shares stone with Amy M. Campbell)
Campbell, Robert 1838 1919 (Husband of Mary Ann Bothell)
Carlson, Adolph 1871 1931 -
Carlton, Elizabeth Apr. 15, 1852 Nov. 6, 1920 Wife of
J. F. Carlton
Carlton, J. F. - Mar. 3, 1838 Capt. Co. E
129th Reg. ILL
Vol. Inf.
Chapin, William 1922 1990 Tech 5 US Army
World War II
Carson, Adolph 1871 1931 -
Chapman, Clifford P. 1922 1986 Si US Coast Guard
World War II
Chapman, Gilbert Lee May 8, 1949 June 21, 1958 Our Beloved Son
Chase, Alice M. 1869 1921 -
Chase, Arthur B. 1984 1955 (Shares stone with Emma E. Chase)
Chase, Emma E. 1897 1960 (Shares stone with Arthur B. Chase)
Chase, Ernest C. June 15, 1897 July 20, 1974 (He was a Mason)
Chase, Erwin C. 1867 - (Why no death date? Buried elsewhere? Shares stone with Evaline Chase)
Chase, Evaline 1873 1953 (Shares stone with Erwin C. Chase)
Chase, Florence E. Nov. 8, 1898 Aug. 31, 1972 (Wife of a mason? Has a crown on her stone.)
Chase, Harold Monroe 1906 1930 -
Chase, June V. 1915 1979 (Shares stone with Leon F. Chase)
Chase, Leon F. 1901 1984 (Shares stone with June V. Chase)
Chase, Lewis Fredric ** - February 7, 1932 WASHINGTON
Chase, Lydia L. 1845 1906 -
Chase, Nell E. 1892 1892 -
Chase, R. L., M.D.** Apr. 13, 1847 May 25, 1908 (Monument type and Crypt as well)
Chase, William F. 1878 1933 (Shares cradle with ?)
Christenson, Ruby O. 1903 1986 Our Beloved
Christenson, Stanley N. 1900 1989 Our Beloved
Clark, Evelyn B. 1881 1973 -
Clarke, David Tripp August 5, 1947 July 27, 1982 A thing of beauty
is a joy forever
(This monument is unusual in that it is a 3 foot ceramic vase/urn with cement inside
with the inscription on the outside)
Clemans, Mary Ann 1839 1934 In Loving Memory Mother and Son
(see also Asa Wilgus Hoffman)
Cluck, Ernest R. 1911 1971 TO LIVE IN HEARTS WE LEAVE 
Cole, Alfred M. Dec. 24, 1895 Aug. 27, 1908 Beloved son of
Thomas & Olivia Cole
We will meet again
Cooper, I. J. Oct. 20, 1862 Apr. 23, 1907 (Unique headstone - Marble log on side with engraving on side)
Corceran, Edward C. 1855 1925 -
Cox, Lyell W. 1907 1963 Beloved Father-Son-Brother
Cox, Mary June 1885 1956 Our Loving Mother
Cranson, Thomas P. 1915 1985 CWO US NAVY
Crumly, Alfred ** June 22, 1844 Apr. 22, 1909 G.A.R.
Co. H. 10th Regt.
Iowa Vol. Inft.
Blessed are the dead
who die in the Lord.
Curnutt, Dorothy ** Jan 9, 1910 May 4, 1977 (Circular metal disk with raised hand writing from a mold? Heart with arrow through it also on piece)

Last updated July 27, 1998

I will be adding more transcriptions when I can and try to get a hold of the Plot map (if there is one available) and add any additional information
I can find on the people buried here.

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