W thru Z
Still working on - certainly not complete yet
** - Have photos of tombstone

(my additional notes in parenthesis)
Wade, Luella R. 1881 1965 -
Waldron, Eleanor E. Feb 26 1918 June 11 1985 In Loving Memory
Wallace, Vivian 1896 1934 Daughter
(lawnmower damage lower left corner)
Welborn, James Everett Oct 15 1913 Feb 15 1994 US NAVY
Wienbergen, Donna 1918 1994 Her love carries us all
Wilcox, Darius C. 1838 1921 -
Wilcox, Sarah K. 1854 1921 -
Wiley, Clara L. Dec 1, 1896 Mar 24 1904 CLARA L. (on top of stone and very worn - only alum. foil made it possible to read)
Beloved daughter of
Mr. & Mrs. O. A.
Gone but not forgotten
Wiley, Emma 1875 1952 WIFE
(shares stone with Orson A. Wiley)
Wiley, Orson A. 1871 1957 HUSBAND
(shares stone with Emma Wiley)
Wilhelmsen, Anna M. Jan 7, 1829 Mar 22 1894 NEE ERICKSEN
In my fathers house
are many mansions
Williams, Thomas C. June 22, 1938 July 25, 1939 -
Williamson, Sarah A. 1823 1904 A tender mother and
a faithful friend
Wilmot, Malcolm D. Oct 4 1906 Dec 18 1994 SSML2 US NAVY
Wilson, Chester E. 1905 1974 -
Wilson, George R.** January 9, 1841
at Trowbridge, Wiltshire
May 17, 1916
In Bothell
King County Washington
Came to Puget Sound
July 6th 1863
on ship Orion of Bath. ME
Ever Remembered
Erected 1920
Wilson, Hannah L. 1853 1918 (same stone as William M. Wilson who was an Odd Fellows Member)
Wilson, William M. 1854 1919 (same stone as Hannah L. Wilson and was an Odd Fellows Member)
Winsemann Edward E. 1892 1974 (same stone as Mary A. Winsemann)
Winsemann, Mary A. 1888 1974 (same stone as Edward E. Winsemann)
Wissinger, Andrew Aug. 25, 1842 June 4 1907 At Rest
Wissinger, Laura E. 1851 1914 -
Woodring, Ardella July 19, 1882 Apr. 20, 1954 Mother
Woodring, Odie C. - Oct. 5, 1918 Aged 33 yrs.
At rest
Worley, Gladys Hannan Oct 28, 1898 Apr. 27 1996 "NANA"
Worley, Ross E. 1892 1980 SGT US ARMY
Worth, Anna S. ** 1851 1936 -
Worth, Wm. H. ** ? 1929 (small cement footstone type already broken into four pieces and another
piece is missing where birth year would have been)
Wright, Anna R. June 20, 1872 June 17, 1938 (shared stone with Richard E. Wright)
Wright, Richard E. June 3, 1868 May 14, 1917 (shared stone with Anna R. Wright)
Wycoff, Kenneth Ray Oct 15 1922 Dec 15 1990 PFC US ARMY
Yates, Harold J. 1909 1974 -
Youngblood, Audrey Mar 3 1909 May 23 1993 "PAT"
Youngblood, Douglas E. March 12 1908 Feb 5 1972 WASHINGTON

Last updated July 31, 1998

I will be adding more transcriptions when I can and try to get a hold of the Plot map (if there is one available) and add any additional information
I can find on the people buried here.

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