T thru V
Still working on - certainly not complete yet
** - Have photos of tombstone

(my additional notes in parenthesis)
Telquist, Patsy J. 1928 - Married October 19, 1946
(Not dead yet? Same stone as Roy H. Telquist)
Telquist, Roy H. 1928 - Married October 19, 1946
(Not dead yet? Same stone as Patsy J. Telquist)
Telquist, Steven C. June 2, 1949 September 5, 1982 Beloved son of Roy & Pat
Brother of Becki
Friend to many
Thomas, Ki B. 1927 1992 (shares stone with William L. Thomas)
For Time and All Eternity
Thomas, William L. - - (shares stone with Ki B. Thomas - no dates yet so is he not dead yet?)
For Time and All Eternity
Thomas, Rebecca 1847 1919 (same stone as Robert Thomas, Sr.)
Thomas, Robert Sr. 1844 1931 (same stone as Rebecca Thomas)
Thorndahl, Aken Nov. 5, 1878 Mar. 30, 1954 -
Thorndahl, Henry 1840 1919 -
Tilton, Bell N. 1841 1916 Ashes of
(shares stone with Frank D. Tilton)
Tilton, Frank D. 1836 1918 (shares stone with Bell N. Tilton)
Timmons, Irene 1896 1983 (shares stone with Raymond Timmons)
Timmons, Raymond 1897 1953 (shares stone with Raymond Timmons)
Tonder, Helena 1924 - (not dead yet? Same stone as Jens B. Tonder)
Tonder, Jens B. 1946 - (Not dead yet? Same stone as Helena Tonder)
Ulin, Donald Everett Oct. 3, 1907 Nov. 7, 1958 Washington
World War II
Ulin, George P. Feb. 19, 1900 Oct. 22, 1947 -
Ulin, Loretta 1904 1970 (shared stone with Ray Ulin)
Ulin, Ray 1903 1971 (shared stone with Loretta Ulin)
Utt, Carrie M. 1877 1965 -
Utt, George D. 1873 1955 In Memoriam
Vail, Frank D. 1866 1926 (same staone as Nellie S. Vail)
Vail, Nellie S. 1872 1934 (Same stone as Frank D. Vail)
Vandelac, Helen 1910 1972 DAUGHTER
Vangemart, Carrie 1894 1916 gone but not forgotten
Vangemart, Henry 1896 1963 -
Vangemart, Theodore 1851 1916 VANGEMART
Vincent, Anna Belle Jan 17 1889 Nov 1 1906 Her words were kindness
Her deeds were love
Her spirit humble
She rests above
Limestone blackened with orange dotted moss? Definite lawnmower damage on all four sides)
Vincent, Sadie M. June 26 1884 Oct 2 1901 She was a kind an
affectionate daughter
I _ _ _ and
a hand to all
(blackened badly - even with aluminum foil rubbing, couldn't read all of it.)
Voris, E. V. 1888 1916 -
Voris, G. A., Rev. 1852 1921 (same stone as Marth E. Voris)
Voris, Marth E. 1857 1935 (same stone as Rev. G. A. Voris)

Last updated July 31, 1998

I will be adding more transcriptions when I can and try to get a hold of the Plot map (if there is one available) and add any additional information
I can find on the people buried here.

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