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(My notes in parenthesis)

Hagan, Melvin L. 1894 1973 (shares stone with Rose E. Hagan)
Hagan, Rose E. 1901 1978 (shares stone with Melvin L.Hagan)
Haig, Leona Marie 1903 1970 -
Hall, Esther H. June 5, 1855 Jan 26, 1920 Heaven is my home
Native of Wales,
Aged 64 Years
(shares stone with William C. Hall)
Hall, Mabel G. - April 22, 1901 Beloved wife of
Francis M. Hall
Aged 22 ys. 9 ms.
9 Ds.
None knew thee but to love thee.
None named thee but to praise.
(Shares stone with Minnie J. Donahue)
Hall, William L. Oct. 20, 1844
Orgood, Ontario
Mar 21, 1930 Heaven is my home
(shares monument with Esther H. Hall)
Halsey, Joan Erickson 1921 1995 Mother and teacher
... and gather me
into the ____ of eternity (can't make out one of the words)
Hamilton, Robert 1864 1945 -
Hannan, Mima Campbell 1873 1949 Mother
(shares stone with William Almon Hannan)
Hannan, William Almon 1853 1930 Father
(shares stone with Mima Campbell Hannan)
Hansen, Alma A. 1902 1985 -
Hansen, Bertel 1863 1945 Father
(Shares stone with Lena Hansen)
Hansen, Lena 1866 1948 Mother
(Shares stone with Bertel Hansen)
Hansen, Lloyd Jan 5 1908 Nov 10, 1973 WASHINGTON
Hansen, Marie M. 1900 1988 (same style stone as Alma M. Hansen)
Harader, Lynda B. 1898 1965 -
Hart, Emma I. 1900 1965 Our Beloved
Harvey, Nora G. May 31, 1894 Feb. 16, 1979 -
Hawley, E. Olivia Sept. 12, 1866 Dec. 10, 1958 Loving Wife and Mother
Hawley, Fred J. May 27, 1864 February 17, 1934 Loving Husband and Father
Hedeen C. Bert Feb. 18, 1912 June 24, 1966 Beloved Husband & Father
(Same stone as Georgie Dygert Hedeen)
Hedeen, Georgia Dygert May 12, 1910 Dec. 14, 1968 Beloved Wfie & Mother
(Same stone as C. Bert Hedeen)
Hellene, Sigurd A. 1905 1978 (room to the right for a wife's name, but none there)
Hemminger, John W. 1874 1917 Rest in Peace
Henderson, Alice Morton 1859 1950 (shares stone with John Colby Henderson)
Henderson, Daniel Lowell 1909 1996 -
Henderson, Florence Pearl 1879 1954 Mother
Henderson, John Colby 1852 1936 (shares stone with Alice Morton Henderson)
Henning, Ida A. 1891 1975 -
Hepler, Dorothea A. Mar. 22, 1930 Feb. 1, 1981 -
Heyer, Augusta M. May 20, 1884 Mar. 8, 1873 -
Hill, Herbert A. 1906 1990 -
Hill, Robert W. 1917 1977 Tech 5 US Army
World War II
Hinman, Reuben 1893 - (not dead yet? shares stone with Sylvia Hinman)
Hinman, Sylvia 1903 1979 (shares stone with Reuben Hinman)
Hitsman, Clare A. 1905 1949 Beloved Wife
Hodgson, Maude - - (shares stone with Thomas)
Hodgson, Thomas - - (shares stone with Maude)
Hoffman, Asa Wilgus 1860 1928 In Loving Memory Mother and Son
(see also Mary Ann Clemans)
Hohman, Alice 1911 1977 (shares stone with Vincent Hohman)
Hohman, Vincent 1892 1969 (shares stone with Alice Hohman)
Hollingsworth, Betty Lou - 1925 (shares stone base with R. Atlee, John and Mary Ellen (Smith))
Hollingsworth, John 1918 1923 (shares stone base with R. Atlee, Betty Lou, Mary Ellen (Smith))
Hollingsworth, R. Atlee 1889 1923 (Shares stone base with John, Betty Lou & Mary Ellen (Smith))
Hughes, Elizabeth 1872 1926 Mother
(Same stone as Joseph Hughes)
Hughes, Joseph 1868 1923 Father
(Same stone as Elizabeth Hughes)
Huisman, Daniel 1942 1994 Sp4 US Army
Humble, Robert N. Apr. 4, 1894 Apr. 6, 1924 WW-I
Hummer, Edward M. Feb 26 1865 May 20 1911 Peace I leave with you
John 14:27
Hyde, Richard Lynn Dec 27, 1957 Nov. 2, 1979 -
Hyllengren, Evelyn O. 1907 1982 Guided on by Love's unfolding
her spirit dwells with us
in full Rapport
Hyllengren, Henry 1901 1993 A Heart of Gold

Last updated July 30, 1998

I will be adding more transcriptions when I can and try to get a hold of the Plot map (if there is one available) and add any additional information
I can find on the people buried here.

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