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Nelson, George F. 1899 1925 -  
Ness, Albert G 1867 1953 Father Ness, Albert G
Ness, Augusta 1866 1959


Ness, Augusta
Nonna Gina     DL + KZ
We love you
Nonna Gina
Norberg, Aashild Nov 27, 1872 Aug 18, 1915 Mother Norberg, Aashild
Nord, Arnold Lee October 20, 1936 January 7, 1997 US Navy
Nord, Betty Lou July 4, 1935 August 19, 1947 Our Beloved Daughter  
Oates, Fanny Nov 17 1860 April 18 1906 Wife of
Richard Oates
Ascended (instead of the word died)
Olin, Floyd V. Feb. 4, 1860 Jan. 11, 1910 Father Olin, Floyd V
Oliver, Albert M. August 4, 1860
New York State
July 22, 1929
Tacoma, Washington
Married December 25, 1885 iMonona, Iowa
Husband of Mary Jane (Campbell)
Oliver, Albert M
Olsen, Nels P. 1858 1916 Ashes of Olsen, Nels P
Olson, - 1917 (badly eroded and cannot read entire inscription)  
Olson, Amanda 1873 1940 Mother
(same stone as Ole H. Olson)
Olson, Charles H.. 1899 1972 Beloved  
Olson, Earl Lauern 1898 1965 -  
Olson, John M. 1882 1947 Beloved Husband and
Olson, Markle Douglas Oct 5 1912 Feb 12 1939 Beloved  
Olson, Ole H. 1863 1947 Father
(same stone as Amanda Olson)
Olson, Oluf H. 1873 1943 -  
Olson, Oscar W. 1898 1977 Pvt US Army
World War II
Olson, Sadie C. 1891 1950 Beloved wife and
Ormbrek, Anne Mar. 8, 1846 Sept. 10, 1913 (Shared stone with George, Rena and Ole G. Ormbrek) Ormbrek, Anne
Ormbrek, George Oct. 16, 1881 May 17, 1895 (Shared stone with Anne, Rena and Ole G. Ormbrek) Ormbrek, George
Ormbrek, Ole G. Aug. 28, 1833 Apr. 1, 1909 (Shared stone with George, Rena and Anne Ormbrek) Ormbrek, Ole G
Ormbrek, Rena Apr. 24, 1883 Dec. 9, 1898 (Shared stone with George, Anne and Ole G. Ormbrek) Ormbrek, Rena
Oslund, Augusta - Aug 26 1904 Aged 40 yrs
Born in
Gone but not
Oslund, Augusta
Otto, Andrew 1867 1933 In Loving Memory
(same stone as Lewis Otto)
Otto, Lewis 1862 1928 In Loving Memory
(same stone as Andrew Otto)
Owen, Homer 1897 1974 Dad
(Horse head carved in lower left corner)

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I will be adding more transcriptions when I can.

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