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Still working on - certainly not complete yet
**- Have photos of tombstone

(my additional notes in parenthesis)
- - - -
Palmer, R.V. Dec 11 1917 May 14 1974 CALIFORNIA
(some letter scratched. Lawnmower damage?)
Parker, Mildred O. October 23, 1894 June 4, 1920 -
Parkhurst, Claudia Chase 1892 1964 MOTHER
Parks, Michael Todd May 5 1978 Oct 5 1980 Children are a gift from God
Pearson, Aurthor B. July 12 1888 June 17 1972 WASHINGTON
Pedersen, Coletta 1903 1983 She went away silently as she
smiled in her sleep she is dead
but the bars are loosened and
her wings are spread
the Lord has set her free
(same stone as James Pedersen)
Pedersen, James 1898 1965 She went away silently as she
smiled in her sleep she is dead
but the bars are loosened and
her wings are spread
the Lord has set her free
(same stone as Coletta Pedersen)
Person, Brita M. 1851 1945 Mother
Person, Emil 1875 1947 Beloved
Person, Hildor E. September 3, 1893 February 9, 1967 Washington
Pvt. Co. B. 25 BN US Guards
World War I
Person, P. 1843 1921 Rest in Peace
Person, Selma S. 1876 1972 -
Peterson, Andrew E. May 6, 1884 October 8, 1972 -
Peterson, Anne M. 1858 1936 (shares stone with N.I. Peterson)
Peterson, Harold 1907 1979 11 Timothy 4:7,8
(Mt. view on bronze plaque)
Peterson, Ida C. June 16, 1892 February 28, 1981 -
Peterson, Jacob L. 1864 1921 -
Peterson, Johanna 1864 1942 Mother
Peterson, Lillie D. Apr 23 1885 June 30 1903 Dau of
(shares stone with NI Peterson. The I in NI looks like it was corrected from J)
Peterson, N. I. 1856 1927 (Shares stone with Anne M. & Lillie Peterson. Looks like the I in NI was corrected from an N)
Pham, Christopher Paul May 23, 1981 July 13, 1981 Our Beloved Son
Phillipps, Edna I. 1893 1985 MOTHER
Phillips, George 1884 1962 -
Pickering, Darrin A. 1856 1939 -
Polley, Jennie 1891 1984 -
Pomeroy, Omar Arlen ** June 24, 1934 March 25, 1995 Beloved Father
(Paper with this information inside a plastic page and includes a family crest)
Preble, Eliza A. - Apr. 28, 1909 Wife of Chas. S. Preble
Aged 57 yrs.
Sweetly resting
until Jesus comes
Purkeypile, Lottie J. - Mar 23 1903 Wife of
J.W. Purkeypile

Last updated July 31, 1998

I will be adding more transcriptions when I can and try to get a hold of the Plot map (if there is one available) and add any additional information
I can find on the people buried here.

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