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Radier, Miriam 1910 1991 -
Reitan, John Feb 3 1886 Aug 11 1908 -
Riker, Ingaborg K. 1888 1976 -
Rockness, Caja J. 1893 1969 (Mt. view etched on plaque)
Rockness, Casper J. 1891 1956 In Memoriam
Rodgers, William R. - July 13 1897 Age 17 years
Rogers, Frances 1901 1973 -
Rogers, Joseph A. 1856 1926 (Stone unusual - Marble "log" on it's side with inscription on side)
Rogers, Robert 1892 1935 -
Root, Orin M. 1918 - Together Forever
(not deceased yet? On same stone as Vivian E. Root)
Root, Vivian E. 1915 - Together Forever
(not deceased yet? On same stone as Orin M. Root)
Ross, Della 1860 1925 (65 yr wife of Elmer J. Ross. Member of the Rebekahs with the moon and seven stars as it's symbol per a living relative.See She was the leader of the Bothell chapter and was at one point the secretary.)
Ross, Dorothy M. - 1922 Infant
(infant of Orpheus W. Ross & Olga Swanson, per relative)
Ross, Elmer J. 1861 1926 (65 yr old husband of Della Ross. The FLT symbol on stone represents "Friendship, Love and Truth" per relative. See
Ross, Orphus W. 1898 1970 (per relative - Son of Elmer & Della Ross & Husband of Olga Swanson (she is not buried here))
Rousseau, Frank 1887 1972 (metal letters set in concrete)

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I will be adding more transcriptions when I can and try to get a hold of the Plot map (if there is one available) and add any additional information
I can find on the people buried here.

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